Star Trek: Discovery Mirror Universe exhibit at Comic-Con!

Cool San Diego Sights!

The golden garb of Terran Empire royalty. All hail the Emperor, Philippa Georgiou Augustus Iaponius Centarius. The golden garb of Terran Empire royalty. All hail the Emperor, Philippa Georgiou Augustus Iaponius Centarius.

Uniforms, props and weapons that appear in the Mirror Universe episodes of Star Trek: Discovery are being exhibited in the Gaslamp Quarter during 2018 San Diego Comic-Con! It’s free and the general public is welcome.

Last year’s Star Trek: Discovery exhibit was amazing, and this year there’s a cool new twist. The various uniforms and weapons that are on display are all from Star Trek’s dark Mirror Universe.

If you enjoy Star Trek or simply want to see some really fantastic, detailed props, check it out! You can also pose for a photo on Emperor Georgiou’s throne or visit an official Star Trek shop with collectible Comic-Con exclusives!

The Star Trek: Discovery Mirror Universe Exhibit at 2018 San Diego Comic-Con. Long Live the Empire. The Star Trek: Discovery Mirror Universe Exhibit at 2018 San Diego Comic-Con. Long Live the Empire.

Emperor Georgiou's Imperial Sword and Scabbard, Terran Empire Throwing Disc, Imperial Guard Truncheon. Emperor Georgiou’s Imperial Sword and Scabbard, Terran Empire Throwing Disc…

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Toy Review: My Keepon

The Entertainment Nut

Over the years, many of us have seen numerous toys come to prominence in time for the Holiday Season. After all, nothing says Happy Holidays like grown men and women fighting in the toy aisle to get that must-have toy in order to please their little child. This year, there’s one toy that some are figuring may become that must-have toy for Billy and Betty: My Keepon.

The Original Keepon; (Left) Minus his base and rubber skin, (Right) Fully decked out

Originally named Keepon, it was developed as a miniature robot to study and help children with social communication disorders. Keepon sits on a black base that houses the four-motor mechanism that gives him movement (an ‘exposed’ version is on the left in the photo). His eyes are actually cameras, and his nose is a microphone that can pick up sound. A rubber skin is placed around the mechanism, and gives Keepon his simple-yet-cute shape.

The little ‘beatbot’ soon gained popularity in…

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Intel ME: based on Minix?

Firmware Security

“[…]In addition, when we looked inside the decompressed vfs module, we encountered the strings “FS: bogus child for forking” and “FS: forking on top of in-use child,” which clearly originate from Minix3 code. It would seem that ME 11 is based on the MINIX 3 OS developed by Andrew Tanenbaum :)[…]”


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A Review of “Star.Ships: A Prehistory of the Spirits”


Gordon White’s impressive book Star.Ships: A Prehistory of the Spirits has garnered extensive well-deserved attention. There have been numerous excellent reviews (for a brief selection see here, here, and here) and Gordon has not been shy about giving fascinating interviews concerning the book and all related topics (see herehere, here, herehere, and here). Gordon is also well know for his very popular high-quality blog and podcast. This leaves me facing a very odd dilemma. What can I add to this already very rich conversation? It is my belief that the best compliment one can give to a book, especially one offering as much to the reader as Star.Ships, is to engage in the territory it opens up in a serious manner that attempts to extend the conversation. This is what I will seek to offer here after offering a summary of…

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John Rawls And The Veil Of Ignorance

Hammering Shield

220px-03-rawls-225[pictured:  John Rawls]

In his book, A Theory Of Justice, Rawls asks us to imagine a fantastic scene:  a group of people are gathered to plan their own future society, hammering out the details of what will basically become a Social Contract.  Rawls calls this the “Original Position.”  In the Original Position, the future citizens do not yet know what part they will play in their upcoming society.  They must design their society behind what Rawls calls the Veil Of Ignorance.

“No one knows his place in society, his class position or social status; nor does he know his fortune in the distribution of natural assets and abilities, his intelligence and strength, and the like.”   

Neither do the people know what type of society they will be entering.  They do not know its culture, its economic situation, or political climate.

It is important for Rawls that the…

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The human spirit is enslaved, but “creatives” are no abolitionists


richard_floridaDon’t give yourselves to these unnatural men — machine men with machine minds and machine hearts! You are not machines! You are not cattle! You are men!

The Great Dictator

I know now that this was Florida’s true genius: He took our anx­i­ety about place and turned it into a prod­uct. He found a way to cap­i­tal­ize on our nag­ging sense that there is always some­where out there more cre­ative, more fun, more diverse, more gay, and just plain bet­ter than the one where we hap­pen to be. But I’ve been down that road, and I know where it goes. I know that it leads both every­where and nowhere. I know you could go down it for­ever and never quite arrive. And I know now that it may be wiser to try to cre­ate the place you want to live, rather than to keep try­ing to find it.

Frank Bures


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