INFJ: The Oracle, “The Matrix” [mini-post]

I want to be an INFJ when I grow up..

Heroes & Villains of MBTI


INFJ, the Counselor, the Defender, the Seer

She only gets one scene, but it’s a doozy. I couldn’t pass up profiling the Oracle despite her brief appearance, so here’s a mini-post with an analysis of the wise old lady’s top two functions.

Dominant Function: Ni/Introverted Intuition, “Anticipate the Experience”

INFJ-Oracle-pics01The Oracle’s whole shtick is predicting what’s going to happen. She understands both the system of the Matrix and the nature of human beings, and can put the pieces together to determine likely outcomes. One gets the impression by the end of the movie that she isn’t so much seeing into the future, but making very insightful leaps of intuition about people’s probable actions.

For instance: It isn’t too hard to see that the combination of the danger around Neo, plus the savior complex of Morpheus (or sidekick-to-the-savior complex), equals an inevitable situation where Morpheus might sacrifice himself to save Neo…

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