INTP: Ariadne, “Inception”

Ariadne the INTP Architect

Heroes & Villains of MBTI


INTP, the Architect, the Thinker, the Philosopher

It’s pretty tidy how the common INTP archetype name is also Ariadne’s job description. As an Architect in MBTI, she’s drawn to figuring out how the world works, and to implementing daring new ideas. As an Achitect in Inception, she’s able to create whole new worlds out of pure imagination.

Sounds like a nifty analogy for a screenwriter to me. The writer often spends long hours crafting the perfect world by way of words, only to hand it over to a temperamental director and see them stomp all over it. Ariadne stays by Cobb’s side the whole way, basically re-writing as she goes to keep up with his mercurial needs.

Dominant Function: Introverted Thinking (Ti), “Analyze the Experience”


Ariadne is a fountain of questions during her training. Even before Cobb tells her what he’s hiring her for, her curiosity is piqued by…

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