FROM THE ARCHIVES: the dismal failure of Establishment Labour

The Slog.

While researching something at The Slog today, I came across this post from March 2014. As it happens, this morning I posted brand-new data showing conclusively that new jobs in workless households had merely increased the debt taken on by that household in order to remain viable. Labour had a year to pulverise Camerlot’s lies. It failed miserably.

For those pondering the candidacy of Jeremy Corbyn, I respectfully suggest that this just might tilt you in favour of JC.

WORKLESS HOUSEHOLDS: Cameron’s lies and Labour’s limp response examined in full.

edscamosptnetYou have to hand it to the Prime Minister, he is consistently incorrigible and sloppy. Give him a statistic to big up, and he’ll get it wrong via an injudicious mixture of mendacity and incompetence.

So it was yesterday with…

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