Ferguson and Rotherham

Does too much feminism lead to death and destruction? What will it take for us to stop policing our own ideologies and start paying attention to what is actually happening?


News out of the UK regarding Rotherham shows things were even worse than BNP founder Nick Griffin thought: over 1,400 children raped and forced into prostitution by Muslim men, all of the children White. Many as young as age nine. People ask, “how did British men get so passive?” “How did this happen?” “Why did no one stop it?”

The answers are:

  • We live in the MOST religious age.
  • The religion is not Christianity or Islam, but “Diversity.”
  • Women are the most religious and most religious enforcing
  • This religion takes the form of as noted by a re-tweet by Heartiste: of sadomasochistic racial penance
  • Women who form the heart of this religion not only don’t care much about other women, they are in active competition with other women
  • Fears of “being called racist” are just a cultural fear of being excluded which is strong in Northern European society and…

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