Alexithymia as an Asperger Experience

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Asperger: The HypoSocial Human

NOTE: I’m not picking on Laura Kerr; I like her blog, but her description of alexithymia contains confused metaphysical ideas (word concepts) that are not descriptive of a PHYSICAL CONDITION. This is a major obstacle in understanding Asperger individuals. Social humans believe that words are accurate matches for real objects or processes, to the extent that words have magical power. They confuse language with physical reality.
For the complete post go to her blog Trauma’s Labyrinth. Text in black, my comments in green.My bold. 

“Alexithymia, Emotional Neglect & Capitalism: How are they Related?” by Laura K. Kerr, PhD

Alexithymia. Now that’s quite the word. Derived from the Ancient Greek, it means “without words for emotions,” and identifies difficulties with recognizing and naming feelings. Since emotions are central for understanding oneself and others, not being able to discern what you feel can cause distress, agitation, and anxiety — along with rocky, unsatisfying…

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