And The Truth Shall Set You Free (if you choose to be free)

Doesn’t speak for us, doesn’t understand what they are really dealing with, just wants to spread unnecessary fear and line their own pockets.

Crusading Against Hate: Why I #BoycottAutismspeaks

By Morénike Onaiwu

Originally published HERE

There are many people who truly believe that Autism Speaks is a benevolent organization that is working on behalf of people on autism spectrum and their loved ones. They might have received Autism Speaks’ “100 Day Kit” from their physician upon diagnosis, or maybe they came across Autism Speaks’ website while searching about autism online.

Or perhaps they saw a magazine ad, billboard, or a well-meaning friend told them about an Autism Speaks annual walk or other event. Autism Speaks is everywhere, so there are any number of ways that they could have learned about them.

Over time, some of these individuals learn the truth about Autism Speaks – that there is nothing benevolent about them.  Since its inception, Autism Speaks has blatantly refused to meaningfully include the very population is purports to serve in its decision-making or leadership and have in fact repeatedly thwarted the…

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