The Limits of Liberation; The ideals and realities of early Soviet family policy

Do we ever learn from history? Doesn’t it seem like we are just going down the same path all over again?


Soviet ideas of women’s liberation were progressive and bold for their time. Soviet women were working side by side with men when American women were still fighting for the right to vote. The declarations of women’s equality with men were a triumph in post-Revolutionary Russia, but the fundamental applications of these ideals were much more complicated. Women’s liberation consisted in several parts, all of which were contingent upon one another. The 1918 Family Code, based on Marxist ideas set up a system that sought to make the family a thing of the capitalist past. The years of 1917 to 1934, have been proven by history to be an experiment that failed. The conclusion was that the family is the basic unit of society, which is why almost all of these policies were eventually reversed when they went horribly amiss.

Marx’s Formula for Women’s Liberation

1) Free union: This meant that…

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