How I fell in love with Linux and How you could too

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Age of Darkness

Operating System — mankind has fought many religious wars over this topic in its brief history.  Before I was a silent observer to many of such bloodshed, before I myself occasionally partook in such battles, before I even learnt that such holy crusades had happened, I was a happy Windows user. It was a time when nobody ever compared Windows to any other operating system. This was mostly because we never knew that such systems existed (I live in India, a place where Apple’s influence is still not as powerful as it is in the West). I lived in a Windows world without knowing it. So did I love Windows? To this, I ask you: do you love your toothbrush? Because I neither love it nor hate it. I don’t think anybody even thinks about their toothbrush when they mechanically brush their teeth without giving it a thought…

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