Neurotypicals want attention, and not solutions

Asperger: The HypoSocial Human

The Asperger Mantra The Asperger Mantra

The tendency for an Asperger person is to assume that someone who expresses distress wants help, but this is rarely the case. If an Asperger offers an observation or suggests a solution, the well-intended advice is likely to be received with hostility – real concrete solutions are the wrong answer. An Asperger may observe that neurotypicals attempt to resolve real world problems through manipulation of their own emotions, and even more frequently, the emotions of other people. For the social majority, who are confined to life on the social pyramid, the environment is composed exclusively of other social humans, so bad feelings, aggression, shame and bullying are ever-present. Wealth is the prize, but it’s also a negative reward. Wealth buys protection from the multitudes; wealth exempts one from having to live with mere mortals.

One might think that after being yelled at thousands of times, we Aspergers would ‘get’ that people’s stories of frustration (which…

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